A metaverse inspired social media APP to promote the beauty contest

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2021 Local Competitions of
Young Lions in China - Finalist

Yongning Ding
In 2021, the “Huyou Campus Beauty Contest” IP will be further expanded and strengthened. Please take the insight of Generation Z group, and use content and forms that meet the interests and preference of the young group to reach a pattern of cooperation with brands, forming a huge circulation of potential energy to help brands break through marketing barriers and achieve a strong association between brands and young people.
From our research, utilizing methods like questionnaire surveys and personas, a captivating insight has emerged: the potential for a unique and enticing social campaign. This campaign would not only be innovative but also foster a deeper connection between the audience and contestants, enhancing understanding of each participant's journey and goals.

Age < 18

18 < Age < 30

Age > 30

Developing the "Close To Me" Metaverse-inspired social media app aims to strengthen the connection between the audience and contestants of the Huyou Campus Beauty Contest. Contestants personalize virtual avatars to showcase their daily lives, fostering a distinct identity. Meanwhile, the audience can engage with favored contestants by interacting with their avatars.
We conducted prototypes and user testings. While Challenges were encountered during the process as the project targets both contestants and the audience. Only audience was available for testing, while there were no real contestants. However, I successfully connected with my undergraduate school's student union. They assisted in conctacting contestants from their previous campus beauty contest for user testing, overcoming this obstacle.
Launch of Close to Me, a Metaverse-inspired social media app with dual users: contestants and audience.

The audience can scan the posters via WeChat and Tiktok. After scanning, a short AR video of contestants’ personal presentation would appear. Just click the “Closer To Me” button to download the APP and know more.
For contestants

The contestants can customize their avatars, manage their schedules by choosing time and location for events, and utilize motion capture and AI technology to precisely document their daily activities. They also can communicate through messaging and edit their profiles as well.
For audience

The audience can select a contestant and potentially invite others to join them in spending time with her. The contestant's daily routine is displayed, including scheduled calls with the audience. The audience can participate in various activities with the contestant, such as practicing dancing in the provided video. The app also features messaging functionality and user profiles.
This APP is equipped with Motion Capture and AI intelligent voice response function to help contestants record their own unique daily life more accurately, which allow the audience know more about the contestants by interaction.

Mutually advancing in a win-win
The audience can not only judge the contestants in more aspects, but also learn how they achieve that. At the same time, the contestants can also get more comments to improve themselves from the message board.